Effective Tips to Outsource E-commerce Product Data Entry Services

Effective Tips to Outsource E-commerce Product Data Entry Services

In this highly digitized world, data is the lifeblood for businesses, especially for e-commerce companies. Data-driven strategies and decisions have become the basis of the success of many businesses. Insights gained from data are helping businesses in designing better products, finding the right target audience, and defining more efficient customer relation policies. Continue reading

Rely on Professionals for Resume Processing Services

Rely on Professionals for Resume Processing Services

One of the core jobs for recruitment firms and employment consultants is resume processing. These organizations receive lots of resumes from job applicants that contain information like academic and professional qualifications, key skills, work exposure and experience, and many other pertinent details in different formats that make it difficult for the concerned executives to select relevant resumes. Continue reading

D4OS Blog eBay Listing Service

Optimizing eBay Listing for Higher Sales

The way you list your products on eBay matters a lot. It affects not just your visibility but your sales as well. You need to be very careful while listing products on your eBay store. As an eBay seller, you must know that the ranking criteria of this platform keep on changing with passing time. This means what matters today may not matter tomorrow. Not keeping track of such changes can make you lose a lot of customers to your competition. Continue reading

OpenCart Product Data Entry

The Simplest Way to Install an OpenCart Prebuilt Theme

Many store owners don’t want to go with the default OpenCart theme for long and decide to try a new theme for their e-commerce store. Changing theme can provide your OpenCart store with a new look and feel that renders your store’s appearance more relevant to the industry and offers a distinguished look. Whether you want to buy a prebuilt theme or get a bespoke one created as per your requirements, that’s absolutely your call. However, in case you want it to be done very quickly, purchasing a prebuilt theme is a better option. You can have such a theme at as low as $30. These themes can be installed very quickly. Continue reading

3dCart Product Data Entry

Raise Your 3dCart Conversion Rate with a Brilliant Search Experience

Getting more and more conversion is one of the most sought-after aims of all online stores and to achieve this aim you have to take care of many things. It doesn’t matter what types of products you are selling, if your customers are unable to find your products, they will surely visit some other stores. But if your products can be found easily and your customers can reach them effortlessly, their shopping experience will be good and hence your sales will increase. Continue reading


Features that Make Zen Cart a Wonderful CMS for E-commerce Stores

Which shopping cart software you use defines the performance of your online store to a great extent. It affects the functioning of your e-store considerably. There are many things like product catalog, customer user interface, order processing, inventory management, and payment gateway which depend largely on the software you use for your e-store. As a store owner, you are responsible for choosing a shopping cart software that offers good functionalities and can adapt to technological changes as they come. Selecting an excellent software is essential to provide impressive user experience to the customers of the store. Continue reading


Know How to Add Blog to Your Volusion Store

Blogging has become an important way to strengthen marketing strategies. Adding a blog to an online store expands its reach to a wide global audience. And considering its benefits, the money to be invested is quite low. Unlike old days, today you don’t require technical knowledge to run a blog. You can do it without any HTML skills. In this post, we will discuss adding blogs to Volusion stores and common questions related to it.


1.Does Volusion Hosts Blog?

Presently, Volusion store doesn’t allow you to host any blog software from within but you can add a link to your external blog quite easily. When it comes to the blogging platforms to create external blogs for a Volusion store, the most popular ones are WordPress and Blogger. Most Volusion store owners run their blogs on separate subdomains. For example, a business having a store domain can create a subdomain

2.How to Create a Subdomain?

In case you bought your domain name from Volusion or have transferred it to them after purchasing from somewhere else, you can submit a ticket at In this ticket, you can request Volusion to create a subdomain for your store. And in case Volusion is not your domain name registrar, you need to contact your registrar or the web developer who assisted you in setting up the store.

3.Adding a Blog to Your Volusion Store

The most convenient way to add a blog to your Volusion store is to add a new category on any of the navigation menus. To do this you need to access the Advanced section and then go into the category record and find a field named Alternative URL. Now paste the URL of the home page of your blog in the Alternative URL field.

There’s one more option to add blog to your store. You can hyperlink it within an HTML compatible field, such as category description field or product description field. You have to add hyperlink with the following code-

<a href=””>Type the text of the link here</a>

Understand it with this example-

<a href=””>Stay Updated with The Latest Trends of Indian Fashion</a>

4.What to Do after Blog Integration?

Now when you have linked your blog to the Volusion store, you need to see that it’s used for the benefit of the store. Here are some things that you must do in order to make the most out of our blogging efforts.

  • Try to make a personal connection with your audience so that they feel like visiting your blog again and again and interact with your though it.

  • When writing for your blog, you need to make efforts that your customers understand your brand a better way. Try to understand the issues they face and provide solutions for them, communicate your positive points, and tell them about your achievements.

  • Create error-free copies and make sure you put across your thoughts in a very comprehensible manner. Avoid using technological terms and explain things in simple language so that all sections of your target audience get it clearly.

  • Your blog posts shouldn’t be too much promotional. Don’t include sales pitch in any of your posts. People visit blogs to get new information, not to view advertisements of stores or products. Try to fill your posts with fresh information which interests your readers.


However, in case you find any problems with integrating blog into your store or in maintaining it with fresh posts, you can contact a company that provides such professional assistance. And if you have hired a company for Volusion product upload services, you can contact them as well. Usually, such companies provide wide ranges of services and taking some more services from the same company can make you avail great discounts also.


6 Famous Magento Based Online Stores Rocking the Indian Markets

E-commerce took a long span of time to evolve in India, but presently e-commerce industry is among one of the fastest growing industries. The Digital India campaign run by the prime minister Mr. Modi sped up its expansion to a great extent. And now, demonetization is also contributing toward it. E-commerce is expected to cover a good share of the overall retail segment of India down the line. In this post, we will discuss some of the most successful Magento based online stores. Let’s first know more about the platform.

Continue reading

Google product feed

How to Increase Sales by Optimizing Google Product Feed?

There’s no need to explain the importance of Google Product Search when the entire internet is being ruled by the giant search engine. It’s a powerful platform to take your products and services to a wide audience. But as we all know, Google has always tried its best to avail useful services to its visitors and in its endeavors, it has to set some guidelines for maintaining quality standards. The search engine has laid out some rules for sellers as well. Not following such rules can make you face a penalty period. Have a look at these tips that can bring you in the good books of Google and the target audience. Continue reading