Why Optimization and SEO are important for Amazon Product Listing?

When someone is talking about SEO, most of the people immediately thinking about Google or Bing. But there are many other websites that have their own search engines inside of them, from them there is a big name Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace that can help many retailers sell their products online. That’s why; it becomes a search engine just like any other, so it’s important that you think about optimization. If you have never thought about optimizing your products for Amazon you don’t have far to go, but now is a great time to start creating a strategy.

How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

Optimize product title

Have you ever think about it, if your product title is not good that can effect on your product performance in search. In Amazon, you can define your product into 500 characters or that is enough to grab your viewer’s attention; or give information for someone to make a purchasing decision.

According to Amazon guidelines, your title should include components such as:

  • Brand
  • Product type
  • Product line
  • Size
  • Color
  • Quantity
  • Material or key feature

Choose right category for the product

Your product category needs to be correct for your listing to be visible on Amazon.

Shoppers frequently browse by category. The simplest method to determine what category to select is to look at some batch of competitors and categorize accordingly.

Optimize for Amazon SEO: Thinking like A9

The first step is to understand Amazon’s search algorithm which called as (A9). If you know how they rank products in search results, then you will know what to tweak in order to land your product listing at the top.

A deep understanding of Amazon ranking is important because the online retailing giant is constantly changing – and as a successful seller, you’ve got to stay one step ahead of the competition!

Use Bullet points

This is a great place to add keywords and really show what you are all about. It’s close to your images and actually appears above the title, so make sure you don’t skip this step.

The bullet point has a crucial area of your listing; it is important for Amazon SEO because it clearly expressed outlines the features, benefits, and reasons for buy the product.


  • Keep your bullet points between 2-3 lines (not sentences) each.
  • Use HTML and formatting to make them more visually appealing and separate.

Optimize product description

The product description can enhance your brand in listing page with the more graphics and visuals. It will become easy for the potential customer to read through and it also enables you to break up your product page into logical sections with headers.

You should also get some more visuals, photography, and infographics prepared for Enhanced Brand Content instead of using same images in the image carousel on your listing because all Enhanced Brand Content is checked by people at Amazon.

Avoid duplicate content

Make sure, that all of your product pages on Amazon must use different content from e-commerce website you are using. This is very obvious mistake that businesses make by using the same content. The most common example being the description, but this can actually still cause duplicate content issues.

Actively Work to Increase Amazon Reviews

Reviews play an important role because these will stimulate your rating. Shopper clicks through to the product listing page, they will often skim through negative reviews before making a decision to buy. If a handful of customers have left negative reviews saying. Reviews give you Amazon listings credibility with potential shopper, which is a really important part of your growth and optimization plan. If your product is doing well and you are in the top four-five star realm, then no need to worry. But if your product reviews are not good, you need to improve your review count.

Take the following actions to get rid of struggling with product rating.

  • Search out the reasons for the bad reviews and try to fix the wrong things with the product.

  • Collect feedback from consumers with automated email campaigns to rectify a problem to avoid negative review.

  • Gather more reviews and manage your overall rating with good reviews.

  • Ensure to provide a stunning product at a reasonable price and offer a great customer experience.

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