E-commerce PPC Services

E-commerce PPC Services

Most e-commerce businesses invest adequately in search engine optimization and that supposes to be a wise decision but it’s a long-term process whereas online sales require quick reach of customers to the products being offered. That’s why e-commerce PPC services have become a common way to promote products in the e-commerce industry.

Imagine the boost your sales can experience when people find your products on the top positions when searching on Google. Most incidents of online shopping start with search engines and all search engines offer promotion based on the PPC model. Online marketing experts at DataEntry4OS have helped several e-commerce companies in managing PPC campaigns that bring high ROI.

What All We Do When Handling E-commerce PPC Campaigns?

  • Strategizing PPC Campaigns
    Various components of digital marketing, such as keyword research, off-page and on-Page optimization, analytics, reporting etc, play a vital role in the overall success of PPC campaigns. We define result-oriented strategies keeping all such factors in mind.
  • Keyword Research
    The quality of your keyword research decides the fate of the PPC campaign of your e-commerce. Our digital marketing professionals spend a good time in finding keywords that work towards higher sales of your online store.
  • Ad Copy Writing
    Optimization strategies work only towards taking ads to the target audience but ad copies are the factors that compel prospects to click the ad. Creating compelling headlines and impressive descriptions is necessary.
  • Landing Page Creation

    Directing your potential customers towards your homepage through PPC ads is strongly forbidden. It confuses customers as to how to navigate to the advertised offers. Landing pages help e-stores to direct customers to the offers.

  • Measuring Performance

    Analyzing the results of e-commerce PPC campaigns are as important as for other industries. We keep a watch on the performance of the campaign and take note of things like where we excel and where do we lack.

  • Fair Reporting

    Our reporting system is designed to give you accurate and timely information about the things being done and the results being achieved. DataEntry4OS provides periodic reports and valuable suggestions to its clients for better performance of campaigns.

Why Businesses should Opt for E-commerce PPC Management?

  • Qualified Traffic
  • The foremost benefit of PPC ads is they attract only qualified traffic, traffic that offers a high conversion rate. Your ads are shown to people who are already, actively looking for your products and services.

  • Cost-effective
  • PPC ads are based on a brilliant model where businesses have to pay a certain sum only when internet users click on the ads. It makes PPC campaigns very cost-effective. Business can reach interested buyers at minimal costs.

  • Narrow Targeting

With PPC, you can take the right ads to the right audience at the right time. There are several targeting options available that help you reach the target audience in a specific region at a specific time.

  • High Brand Awareness
  • An efficiently strategized and executed PPC campaign leads the e-store to a stronger brand image. The impression of your ads on various digital platforms like blogs, social media websites etc. can strengthen your brand awareness efforts.

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