Catalogue Updating / Cataloguing

Catalog Updating

Teamwork of several professionals working in tandem to update numerous e-commerce websites of clients helps us deliver highly effective catalogue updating services. We are capable of carrying out all tasks related to cataloguing in quick turnaround time with 100% accuracy.

We have a rich experience of managing numerous e-commerce stores for our clients from around the world. As a result, we have a huge experience in dealing with a massive amount of data on a daily basis. We undertake all sort of data handling jobs, be it extracting products’ information from multitudes of documents in soft copy or hard copy made available by our clients in different formats or gathering additional information about the products from various reliable web sources such as their manufacturers’ websites; or be organizing the obtained information into a concise and meaningful manner so as to update the product catalogues on a regular basis.

Updating even a single e-commerce web store on a real-time basis is an extremely tedious and strenuous task and it, in fact, more challenging than setting up a new store altogether. In other words, by availing our catalogue updating services, you can save yourself from laborious jobs and nonetheless enjoy being the owner of an absolutely up-to-date e-commerce web store.

The following are the reasons our clients choose us for updating their catalogues:-
  • We are committed to keeping the product catalogues of our clients updated with fresh information all the time. We regularly update clients’ web stores with the latest product information, such as SKUs, brand names, titles, manufacturers etc. We also keep updating the product catalogues with the latest status of product prices, product availability, discount schemes, and special offers, as they are absolutely vital for the healthy existence of the e-commerce websites, both in terms of prospective buyers, as well as the various marketplaces to which these websites may be linked to.
  • We also gather prices and discount schemes being offered by the competitor sites for the long-term success of our clients. This helps our clients to re-evaluate the competitiveness of their prices and marketing strategies and determine the best prices and special offers for updating in their product catalogues.
  • We assist in the appropriate sorting of products in the most relevant categories while updating the catalogues so that the products remain easily searchable.
  • We create compelling, keyword-rich product descriptions for new additions in the product catalogues and ensure that the product descriptions are both unique and engaging.
  • Our team uses high-quality product images for product catalogues and ensure that the product images are retouched properly before the upload. Our photo retouchers know how to make e-commerce images look amazing.

  • We update the shipping and tax data in the product catalogues from time to time.
To know more about our catalogue updating services, please contact us at +91 9818 52 6337. We will be more than happy to respond on an early basis.