Business Cards Data Entry

Business Cards Data Entry
Business cards that you receive during first business meetings with your clients, associates, or investors contain information that can be extremely useful for your business. The information contained within can help you create a database that provides you with the strength to expand at a faster pace.

Outsourcing business cards data entry to professionals can bring great results at very minimal costs. DataEntry4OS specializes in providing top-notch quality services for all kinds of business cards data entry requirements. You can contact us for the creation of a new database or updating an existing one; we have a lot of plans and packages to select from.

What Our Business Cards Data Entry Services Entail?

  • Creating Database from Electronic Business Cards

We convert electronic business card data of our clients into a well-organized database in a format that seems convenient to the clients. Our professionals make sure no information is lost while converting the data.

  • Transferring Information from Printed Business Cards to Online Systems

Transferring information kept in hard copies to online systems prevents it from all kinds of potential losses. We are well conversant with the process of capturing information from hard copies and entering it into online systems.

  • Business Card Indexing

Through business card indexing, we arrange the information in a highly organized way. Indexing allows you to keep your data in an alphabetical, sequential or chronological arrangement. You can also sort it by other specifications, such as location.

  • Business Card Format Conversion

Whether you want your data in MS Word, MS Excel, CSV or any other format, the experts working at DataEntry4OS can provide you with that. We make sure that data is converted with a high accuracy rate.

  • Maintaining Existing Business Card Information

It’s imperative to replace obsolete information in your business cards with updated information. Outsource business card data entry to us for an ever updated database. Our professionals update information in a timely manner to avoid any issues.

Business Card Data Entry Process at DataEntry4OS

  • Initial Consultation

A personal consultation is the first step of our business card data entry process. This consultation takes places for a better understanding of the client’s requirements. It helps our team to create a custom strategy for the process.

  • Business Card Information Collection

Information stored in digital files and hard copies is collected and then scanned with the help of advanced tools and applications. At this stage also, accuracy remains one of the most important concerns.

  • Business Card Data Scanning

Our team is equipped with automated systems powered by Optical Character Reader (OCR) and Intelligent Character Reader (ICR) techniques that help us scan data accurately. Afterward, our professionals key in data manually to ensure there’s no data loss.

  • Formatting of Business Card Data

After scanning, we clean up the data for inaccuracies and imperfections. All the errors found are then corrected and the entire data is formatted as per the client’s instructions. Here, our experts see that relevant data remains intact.

  • Database Storage

Apart from accuracy and convenient usage, we also consider the security of the information while creating databases. If our clients want, we make arrangement for added security measure like access codes and passwords.

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