Proofreading and Editing Services

Proofreading Services

Ideally speaking, each piece of content that leaves your writing board must pass through the proofreader’s lens for an optimum quality check. Rightly so, since any dumb mistake within the content can literally whisk away the desired impact out of your communication and leave your audience sniggering rather than impressed.

To make matters worse, the purview of errors that can inflict your content may range anything from spelling mistakes, poor punctuation, grammatical errors, poor sentence structuring, typographical errors, factual errors, lack of meaningful and crisp content, to the absence of consistency in the writing style or the information being provided. With so much to check for and tight inflexible deadlines looming large, hiring our professional proofreading services saves you from a great deal of stress, boost your confidence in your copy, as well as, help you always put your best foot forward.

Though there is no dearth of digital tools available online that self-proclaim to be one-stop proofreading solutions, none actually comes even close to the proficiency at proofreading we offer. Unlike the digital tools, our human editors and proofreaders double check your work thoroughly for freedom from factual and English usage errors, in addition to grammatical and typographical mistakes.

Having made a big name for dissecting raw content for incoherence, inaccuracies, repetitions, and ambiguities for several years now, our team has editors and proofreaders that are core professionals who understand the difference between mere editing and proofreading. The two work in tandem with each other to ensure that your final copy is arrived at only after double checking at the hands of both.

At the outset of our proofreading services, one of the editors in our team checks and edits your content, as under:-
  • Remove any typographical, grammatical and factual errors,
  • Enhance clarity and tautness in the document
  • Ensure a smooth and logical flow of information throughout the copy
  • Edit the document to remove errors, and actualize lucidity and appeal of the copy

Once the editors in our team are satisfied, the copy is forwarded to one of our trained proofreaders to perform the final check. The proofreader double-checks the content for accuracy, before declaring it ready for publishing online or offline, as under: –

  • Check your content for any grammatical, typographical, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • Check your copy for any formatting inconsistencies, such as indents, bullets, font, font size, paragraph margins, line spacing etc.
  • Suggest any changes in terms of spellings, wordiness, punctuation, vocabulary, grammar, formatting etc. or declare the content to be fit for publishing in its present form

A proofreader’s job entails making suggestions for fixing the incidences of errors and imperfections in the content. Having one of our trained editors check your copy before proofreading saves you considerable time and effort. Thus, the job of the proofreader remains only to catch those mistakes that may have been inadvertently overlooked by the editor. Thus, our services offer to polish your work and ensure that it always strikes home with the target audience with flying colors.

To learn more about our proofreading services or to request a free trial, please feel free to contact us at +91 9818 52 6337 or mail us at We’ll gladly revert back with the appropriate response.