Marketplace Product Listing

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Almost all e-commerce businesses of today’s world sell their products on premier marketplaces to get most out of their business operations. Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Sears, Newegg etc. have become new sources of income for e-commerce companies. But online marketplaces are way more difficult to manage in comparison of brick-and-mortar stores.

Proficiency needed by online marketplace management requires businesses to hire outsourcing companies that offer marketplace product data upload services. We can assist you with our quality services that ensure smooth marketplace management and good expansion prospects for your business.

Our Marketplace Product Listing Services Include-

  • Product Information Gathering

In order to make your listing perfect, we capture product data from various sources including PDFs, online catalogues, printed catalogues, manufacturer’s websites etc. We can also consider web research for proper information.

  • Product Data Entry

Data collected from various sources is entered into CSV files keeping marketplaces’ guidelines in mind. All details like size, weight, quantity, brand etc. are entered with utmost accuracy so that customers get correct information.

  • Product Categorization

Our team takes good care that all your products are put into relevant categories making it convenient for your buyers to find products quickly. Right categorization enhances the user experience of shoppers and augments brand image.

  • Product Description Writing

Online buyers need descriptions that convey all important aspects and features of products. Our writers know to do that. Moreover, our copywriters also take care of SEO and include effective keywords in descriptions.

  • Product Review Writing

The internet has given several powers to the customers and product reviews are the most efficacious one. Our team of writers can create impressive reviews that look real and encourage marketplace visitors to buy your products.

  • Product Photo Editing

E-commerce sales require high-quality photos, photos that present every pertinent detail clearly. Our image editing team is well conversant with the nuances of product photo retouching and can edit any photos to perfection within minutes.

  • Price Monitoring

To make your offers competitive enough to attract more and more buyers, we keep a constant watch at the prices updated by your competitors and let you know of that. We update prices just as you approve.

We can Help You Optimize Your Listings?

If you have already listed your products on marketplaces but are not getting expected results even after making strong efforts, there might be a need for listing optimization. Let our experts help you find which parts of listing need improvement and suggest the best ways to set things straight.

We optimize listings without losing the quality; in fact, we enhance the overall quality by following the best product listing practices.

How Outsourcing Marketplace Catalogue Management is a Smart Business Decision?

Gaining a remarkable position in marketplaces necessitates a robust strategy that aims at maximizing profits along with effective brand positioning. Outsourcing your product catalog management to a dependable company ensures strong future prospects for your business.

DataEntry4Os, as an experienced product data entry outsourcing company, can strengthen your efforts directed towards achieving a sound volume of sales and a prominent brand image.

You can contact our team anytime to share your project details or to gain information on our packages. Contact us at and get a free quote within 24 hours.