Offline Data Entry

Offline Data Entry

All organizations dealing with huge volumes of data in hard copies, scanned images, forms etc. must get the hard text digitized in appropriate formats. Where the non-digital information at hand is not required instantly by the concerned end-users, organizations usually resort to offline data entry services from us.

By outsourcing offline data entry needs to us, businesses can let their in-house teams focus on their core activities and speed up their growth. That’s why a number of our businesses from all over the world hire us for offline data entry work to us. here are some of the main advantages our clients get when they choose us-

  • We provide services from our offshore location that has complete required infrastructure but at a cost much cheaper than what you can expect
  • We are staffed with qualified data entry professionals that ensure 100% accuracy
  • Our team takes care that you get final output within a short time
  • Having no extra burden of data entry, your team can pay attention to main business operations and add to the productivity

Our offline data entry services entail digitization of information contained in image files, PDF files or hard copies in the form of business cards, catalogues, surveys, resumes, forms, books, mailing labels, lists, websites, claims and so on. Besides, we also offer the following services-

  • Offline data capturing.
  • Filling up forms offline
  • Data conversion from one format to another
  • Offline data collection
  • Offline form processing.

We provide cent percent accuracy with really fast turnaround time. To ensure zero tolerance for errors, we use double entry check, data sampling, and certain in-house software developed to evaluate data accuracy. Moreover, we follow established international standards of operating procedures for an ideal data entry service provider. This is how we deliver truly world-class services to our clients from around the world.

We are a team of qualified, experienced, and dedicated data entry operators who are committed to rendering quick, affordable, and error-free offline data entry services. We are a reputed provider of back-end office data management services and offer vital customer support for data entry services, encompassing data mining, data warehousing, data cleansing, and data conversion services.

In case you need more information or have a project to discuss, you can drop us an e-mail at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.