Product Photo Editing Services

Product Photo Editing

At, we work on images shared by you with advanced editing software to provide you with such product images that are clean, detailed, attractive, and full of information. The seasoned image editors in our team retouch your product photos with a scrupulous approach. Where the product images have not been shared by you, we search the websites of manufacturers and suppliers to obtain the same. We retouch these images too before uploading them to your e-store. We re-size, crop, retouch and save them in custom sizes, shapes, and file formats prescribed by you. We provide these product images in all required sizes – including thumbnail, zoom view, normal views, and custom-defined views.

In order to turn your ordinary product photographs into stunning but truthful versions, we consider each image for all or either of the following enhancements under our product photo editing services:-

Background removal:-

To draw prospective customers’ attention to the product in an image, it must have a uniform color in the background. To replace a multi-toned or unsuitable background, we generally extract the product image from its background using the Lasso Tool and place it on a pure white background.

Resizing, cropping and other adjustments:-

In a good product image, the product should fill at least 85% of the frame. Keeping this in mind, product images may have to be cropped and or resized to suit the thumbnail view, zoom view, and normal view. Apart from doing that, We also adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, clarity, and vibrancy of images to make them visually appealing yet real.

Removing Blemishes, spots, dark patches etc.:-

The product image should be free from any dark spots, discoloration etc. hence, our image editing professionals remove any blemishes, dark patches, and sunburns from the image to make it look neat.

Using layers and masks in Photoshop to give your photograph the three-dimensional effect:-

Our image editors work their way to render your image pop out and give a three-dimensional feel. To do so, we retouch the photograph using various layers, masks, and alpha channels in Photoshop. We also add shadows at places to the product image to give it a real 3D look. This helps your visitors preview the products properly, as if they were before them for real, even though they can’t touch and feel them.

To conclude, as a part and parcel of our product photo editing services, we edit photographs of all products of every vertical. You name it and we provide you with free samples to start with, be it jewelry, furniture, clothes, automobiles, durables, eatables, bags, chains, glasses, cars, home appliances, cameras or anything else. We are always mindful of your custom requirements as well as the particular requirements of your specific e-commerce platform while providing you the best quality product images for uploading to your e-commerce website.

To know more about our Product Photo Editing Services, please feel free to call us at +91 9818 52 6337 or email us at and we will respond to your query promptly.