Product Data Migration

Product Data Migration

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, businesses have a number of options. Usually, e-commerce businesses start with platforms that promise good ease of operations. But as the e-store starts to flourish, Businesses start feeling the need to have a more powerful shopping cart platform.

That’s where they consider outsourcing product data migration services. But sometimes businesses try to handle that on their own without any clearly defined process and land themselves in deep troubles. The team of dataEntry4OS can help you right from platform selection to final migration.

What All Our E-commerce Data Migration Services Cover?

  • Migration Process Planning

Our data migration experts start assisting you even before the actual migration process starts. We help you select the best shopping cart based on the requirements your business have and the specifications you lay down.

  • Existing Platform Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of the platform your e-store runs on presently to determine where it lacks to deliver what you expect from it. This analysis helps us select the best-suited platform for your business.

  • New Platform Analysis

Proper analysis of the platform you want for your online store helps us figure out the most efficient ways to organize your data onto it. Our professionals comprehend the structure well and define the best strategies for migration.

  • CSV Creation

Having a sound understanding of what all needs to be done, our team of dedicated and experienced e-commerce data migration professionals creates CSV files with accurate product information that is to be migrated.

  • Reorganization of Page Titles & URLs

In order to maintain the page ranks that you have secured, we take care that all your page titles and URLs remain the same. Besides, it will help your regular visitors to find products easily and quickly.

  • Testing

After migrating the data to the new platform, we ensure seamless integration of the various systems like accounting, payment processing, shipping etc. with the new platform through a well-defined, proven quality check process.

Why Businesses should Outsource E-commerce Platform Migration?

People who do it every now and then can obviously do it better than those who do it occasionally. That’s why you must outsource platform migration service to professionals. Here are some reasons to support this idea-

  • Smooth Migration

When you get migration done by professionals, you choose efficient transition of your product data with minimal errors.

  • Low-cost Processing

Companies having substantial experience in data migration can suggest you the most cost-effective ways to go ahead with.

  • Security of Code

E-commerce data migration companies are familiar with the ways that ensure good security of the code base of the e-stores of clients.

We Also provide Assistance in Application & Business Migration Process

When you migrate your e-store to some other platform, data migration needs utmost attention but data is not the only thing that needs to be taken care of. Such migrations often necessitate businesses to proceed to recent practices and technologies. If required, we help our clients in application and business migrations as well.

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