eBay Listing Service

eBay Listing Service

At DataEntry4OS.com, we can help you make the most out of your presence on eBay, whether you are already there or yet planning to set up a shop out there. With our eBay listing service, we welcome sellers and merchants like you to take advantage of our wide experience and the insights of eBay as a unique e-commerce platform.

As a part of our eBay Listing Service, we offer to set up and manage your eBay shop from end-to-end, as under:-

Create and set up your seller’s account on eBay

We offer to help you set up your seller’s/ merchant’s account with eBay, covering everything from keying in your identity details, confirming the same at eBay’s customer service to creating your PaisaPay Account with your specified bank account.

Building and updating eBay listings

As the next step, we help you quickly create product listings on eBay using a combination of the site-specific recommendations and our own acumen in the task. We use the proficiency of our writers and data entry operators to update your eBay product listings with clear, crisp and easy-to-understand product descriptions. We ensure your product listings are complete with all accurate and clear product details, including titles, captions, descriptions, product images, prices, quantities, colors, and such other details while staying within the realms of eBay policies, standards, and rules for sellers.

Accurately identifying categories and subcategories for products

Selection of the right categories for your products helps your buyers find them easily. We employ only specialists to identify the most suitable categories and subcategories for your products on eBay, which in turn ensures that your products surface quickly under the right

heads, and appear before your target audience groups in a matter of few clicks.

Uploading high-quality, retouched product images on your eBay listings

Uploading clean, vibrant, and detailed photographs of your products helps your buyers make the buying decision quickly. Your product images abidingly go to our team of seasoned image editors, who retouch and edit the images aptly, before passing them on for upload. We also ensure that the images neither infringe any copyright permission nor violate eBay’s images and text policy.

SEO-friendly content in eBay listings

Our SEO specialists assist our writing team in updating your eBay product listings with meaningful, truthful, and keyword enriched content, however, without amounting to keyword spamming.

We manage a huge amount of complicated data on a daily basis for our clients from different industries, ranging from small-scale start-ups to big corporate houses operating on a global scale. Our data entry operators are also handpicked trained professionals who are very fast at their job and always ensure cent percent accuracy in their outputs. Coupled with our deep proficiency in the rules, tips, and checklists applicable to sellers on eBay, we can be, hands down, your ideal outsourcing partner for setting up and running your eBay seller account in a seamless manner.

To request a trial session or get more information about our eBay Listing Service, please call us at +91 9818 52 6337 or email us at info@dataentry4os.com. We’ll be more than glad to assist you promptly.