Data Conversion Services

Data Conversion Services

Unorganized data lying scattered here and there not only occupies valuable organizational space but also appears as junk deserved to be discarded. However, this very junk data might contain strategic statistical information that, if retrieved in a meaningful way, could prove to be pivotal in decision making for the management. As such, the modern organizations are increasingly cautious about the utility, safety, and security of their so-called junk data as well. This is where our data conversion services come into the picture.

At, we offer to extract, convert and load data files from source to target format, keeping in mind the intended audience and the projected evolution of the files. The information thus delivered is easily accessible and becomes useful for the organization. You specify output variables, storage types, case selection and any other filters or validations to be implemented during the data conversion process. We, in turn accordingly, finetune your data conversion plan, remove any data redundancies, identify metadata, and create legacy documents, in the process rendering the information to be useful in future documents as well. Thus, our data conversion services are highly customizable targeting longevity in terms of utility.

In a gist, the following are the deliverables of our data conversion services:-

  • Aggregate, organize and digitize data in your document files
  • Effective data storage for quick accessibility and lasting re-usability, with negligible data loss
  • Elimination of data redundancy
  • Pass on the benefits of reverse data engineering
  • Improve data utility for long-term use by improvising on areas like easy and quick retrieval of information in a meaningful manner
  • Render the data fit for market research, business research and other commercial intelligence purposes.

Further, we offer proficiency and experience in data conversion services in an extensive range of file formats for both source and target destinations. The popular conversions we provide to our global clientele include:-

  • Conversions from PDF to word or excel and vice versa
  • Conversions from Pagemaker, Quark, and Framemaker to SGML, HTML or XML
  • Conversion of hard copy books into HTML, SGML, XML, XHTML, editable PDFs, Word
  • Conversion of images or documents in hard copy, microfilms, portals etc. into digital data, as per custom requirement
  • Other conversions like file format conversions, word formatting, data conversion and electronic data management services.

At, we strive to deliver error-free results with zero tolerance for low quality or laxity. In the pursuit of the same approach, we deploy only expert and experienced professionals for data entry of your documents. We welcome pronounced custom needs so that we could deliver accurate, reliable and customized data conversion services in an expedited manner. In case you feel you need to try our service first before placing an order, you can forward a request for a sample job to us and get it done from us for evaluating our caliber, talent, and expertise.

Please email us at or call us at +91 9818 52 6337 for any question or concern that you may have on the above services. Our customer care representative will shortly attend to your query.