Bing Shopping Feed Management

Bing Shopping Feed Management

At, we offer end-to-end Bing shopping feed management services. Our services empower you to excel at the Bing Merchant program by helping you set up and manage your Big Merchant Center Store in a hassle-free manner. We understand how Bing shopping feed works and what all can be achieved through a well-planned strategy for your business in terms of accelerating sales and overall growth. As a result, with us by your side, you can achieve your business goals within a short time. We create an effective product catalogue for your shopping feeds on Bing containing all the product details, including product images to display in Bing Shopping results.

Setting Up Bing Merchant Center Store:-

In line with Bing norms, our experts help you decide the precise way your products should appear on the world wide web. While Product Ads are available only in the US at present, Rich Caption may be ideal for all those operating outside the USA. We specialize in both the methods of listing your products on Bing.

Product Ads

Available only to those enterprises which operate in the USA, the Product Ads get displayed alongside Bing search results containing key product details, such as products’ images and prices. So, when your target audience clicks on the ad, the feature pulls latest inventory details from your Bing Merchant Center catalogue. We help you create and maintain the catalogue on a continuous basis.

Rich Caption

The Rich Caption feature is open to all the businesses across the globe, where your product information (such as product price and availability in stock) appears along with your Bing search results, the result URL being linked with your Bing Merchant store URL. We help you create and manage both Rich Captions as well as catalogue feeds on Bing.

Uploading Bing Catalogue Feed Files:-

Just after successfully setting up your Bing Merchant Store Center, our Bing Shopping Feed Management Services entail creating and uploading Bing catalogue feed files compliant to Bing’s product ads editorial guidelines. We upload the files on your merchant store using the quickest and most reliable method feasible in your case. We do it by manually uploading the files, via FTP transfer or by enabling download straight from your website.

Uploading Retouched Product Image Files:-

Your business goals are important to us and we understand the critical role your product images play in the promotion of the products in your e-commerce store. Product photos form the first impression of the products and hence, need to be compelling. We have an exclusive team of image editors to edit product photos and accentuate pertinent details while making the photos more impressive.

SEO-friendly Catalogue Content: -

Our SEO team ensures that your product listings on Bing have a robust online presence by keeping the content on your web store as well as Bing Merchant Store Center compliant with Bing’s algorithms for higher search engine rankings.

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