Yellow and White Pages Data Entry

Yellow and White Pages Data Entry
Even in this world of digitization, the pertinence of yellow and white pages is still very much intact as it offers benefits to both businesses and buyers. Local businesses can use yellow pages as a platform to impress buyers while buyers can use it to find contact details of local retailers.

You can rely on us for yellow and white pages data entry services that can provide you easy access to a lot of information about your target audience. We are blessed with expert data entry professionals, latest scanning technologies, and the knowledge of the most effective data security practices, with help of which we deliver dependable and accurate contact information.

Our Yellow and White Pages Data Entry Services Include-

  • Data Research

Our data entry professionals will conduct a meeting with you to understand the project requirements and will start looking for the type of data your business needs keeping those project specifications in mind.

  • Scanning

Many a time we have to capture data from hard copies and convert it into a suitable digital file format. Our team uses advanced scanners to scan such directories. These high-quality scanners ensure a high accuracy rate.

  • Optical Character Reader

We employ Optical Character Reader (OCR) and Intelligent Character Reader (ICR) techniques to capture data accurately from physical white and yellow pages. These techniques are known to deliver around 99.5% accuracy in the output.

  • Data Entry

We have a robust team of seasoned data entry experts that key in data at a very fast pace without compromising on the accuracy. Our professionals will provide you data in the file format you prefer.

  • Proofreading

Before forwarding the output to the clients, we get it checked by our quality control team that goes through it to detect and eliminate any errors. This team is also responsible for verifying the information against reliable sources.

Yellow Pages Data Entry

Yellow pages are primarily for customers who are looking for local businesses. Transferring high volume data from one source to another, especially from hard copies to some digital format, is something that takes experience, expertise, and knowledge of applicable software and programs.

However, you don’t need to worry when you have decided to team up with us. We offer our yellow pages data entry services to a wide range of industries with different processes, software applications, and data collection methods.

White Pages Data Entry

White pages are directories that contain information regarding business and customers in a well-structured manner. The hardworking and qualified team of DataEntry4OS offers a complete range of white pages data entry services where large volumes of directory pages can be processed for data extraction and digitization.

By hiring us you save yourself from the struggle that is involved in extracting data details from hard copies and converting it into a digital format through manual data entry. Along with data entry, we also offer other services that help to find customer information from white pages on the basis of various criteria.

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