Legal Documents Data Entry

Legal Documents Data Entry

Legal documents are extremely confidential and you can’t hand over them to just anybody for data entry. Besides, these documents have legal terms and phrases that can be understood only by people with sound knowledge of legal terminology.

Therefore, you need to choose your partner for legal documents data entry services very carefully. DataEntry4OS is a team of data experts that never fails to deliver expected results. Our knowledge in the terminology of law makes us a good choice for all your legal documents data entry needs.

Legal Documents Data Entry Services We Provide

  • Shipping Documents
  • Insurance Claim Records
  • Case Details Data Entry
  • Bare Act And Citations
  • Business Agreements
  • Purchase and Sale Deals
  • Property Related Documents
  • Divorce Forms
  • Legislation Scans
  • Court Forms
  • Arbitration and Litigation Forms
  • Power of Attorney Forms
  • Immigration Work

Why Businesses should Outsource Legal Documents Data Processing Services?

  • High Accuracy Rate

When you rely on professionals for data entry, you can stay assured that you will get output with minimal inaccuracies. Our data entry professionals make sure each file we deliver has a cent percent accuracy.

  • Quick Availability of Digital Files

The swiftness of professionals is unmatched. Trained and experienced legal documents data entry experts can handle massive data within hours. Fast processing of data makes sure you are in timely possession of data.

  • Budget-friendly

Data entry companies know the best ways to get optimum quality at reasonable prices. On the other hand, when you go for in-house data entry, you need to spend hefty amounts on recruitment and training, infrastructure etc.

Team Up with DataEntry4OS for Fast & Accurate Services

As a legal documents data entry company, we help our global clientele in extracting significant data from handwritten, printed, and typed documents and key in relevant information in a file format specified by the clients. Some of the most popular formats are MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, and MS Access.

Our data entry experts are well conversant with legal terminology and deliver up to 99.5% accuracy. They can handle even bulk projects with ease and accomplish it within hours.
To provide high quality in our work, we have adopted a strict quality control process that has two levels of quality checks. Our stringent quality check process makes sure whatever we deliver is absolutely flawless.

Our Process of Legal Data Entry

  • Document Scanning

We use advanced scanners which are known to give high-quality output. Our team is expert in using such advanced machines and always brings the best results from the scanning process.

  • Legal Data Entry

We have an exclusive legal documents data entry team that is staffed with data entry operators who hold great expertise in legal jargon. They perform data entry with unmatched precision.

  • Data Capture

Our team has access to state-of-the-art equipment that uses advanced techniques like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) for capturing data.

  • Quality Control

Here at DataEntry4OS, there’s a proven quality check process in place. This process makes sure our clients are absolutely satisfied with the quality of the services we provide to them.

For any types of queries, you can drop us a line at Our team will get back to you shortly with an appropriate solution.