Mailing List Compilation Services

Mailing List Compilation Services
Successful marketing campaigns center on building, retaining, and expanding a pertinent target audience. This target audience needs to be a perfect mix of existing and potential customers. To make sure they connect with the target audience as and when required, their mailing lists should be having updated details of the customers.

In order to always stay updated with the contact information of the customers in the mailing list, many businesses hire professionals for mailing list compilation services. DataEntry4OS works as partners of the client businesses and ensures smooth delivery of business communications to the target audience by updating the mailing list on a regular basis.

Our Mailing List Compilations Services Cover

  • Web Research

For creating mailing lists with accurate details, our seasoned and dedicated professionals conduct web research and delve sources like directories, various websites, social media channels etc. to get updated contact details of the customers.

  • Data Cleansing

Data is required to be scrubbed and enriched for absolute perfection and accuracy right after it’s collected.

We remove all incorrect and obsolete entries from the database and put correct details to complete the records.

  • Merging or Splitting

Based on the requirements of our clients, we split or merge data. Sometimes, the whole address needs to be in a single column while in other cases cities and zip codes are to be entered in separate columns.

  • Verifying Information

To make certain you get a good success rate on the communications sent, we verify the mailing lists against credible sources. Without proper validation, there are strong chances of many communications ending up in the spam folders.

  • Mailing List Data Entry

Once we have all the correct information in hand, our professionals start to key in data into the file format suggested by the clients. The most preferred ones are MS Excel, MS Word, Text, HTML, XML, and CSV.

Our Promise – Matchless Quality

India is known for having a huge pool of talent and fortunately, we are right in the heart of India, Delhi. Operating business from the national capital allows us easy access to extremely talented professionals who know to carry out their jobs flawlessly.

Besides, India has evolved as a technology hub in the past few years. So, we are in possession of the most advanced technological tools to deliver perfect mailing lists to the clients. We also have the privilege of having great infrastructure and workstations. All these factors make us capable of providing high quality in our work.

We Offer Special Discounts

Here at DataEntry4OS, our prime aim is to assist clients in an extremely cost-efficient way. We focus on delivering superior quality services but while ensuring affordable prices. To provide cost benefits to our partners, we offer special discounts.

If you have a substantial project to outsource, you can be eligible for bulk discounts. When we receive bulk projects, we transfer the cost benefit to our clients. And in case, you have a regular flow of work but in small quantities, we can offer you loyalty discounts. You need to check what discounts you are eligible for before placing an order.

You can contact us at to know about our services, plans, and discounts. Send us your project details now and get a free quote within 24 hours.