Features that Make Zen Cart a Wonderful CMS for E-commerce Stores

Which shopping cart software you use defines the performance of your online store to a great extent. It affects the functioning of your e-store considerably. There are many things like product catalog, customer user interface, order processing, inventory management, and payment gateway which depend largely on the software you use for your e-store. As a store owner, you are responsible for choosing a shopping cart software that offers good functionalities and can adapt to technological changes as they come. Selecting an excellent software is essential to provide impressive user experience to the customers of the store.

Zen Cart is an open source shopping cart software that offers amazing features and functionalities that can enhance the performance of your e-commerce store. Besides, being open source, it’s very cost-effective to use. This PHP based shopping cart uses MySQL database and HTML modules. The software allows easy navigation and helps in viewing and downloading images of different sizes. It helps a lot in making the sale process easy and convenient. Besides, with its multilingual support, the shopping cart allows developing the same site in several other languages. It means you can mark your presence in many geographical regions with a single site.

Let’s See What can Zen Cart Offer to Your E-Store

  • Considerable Customization: You can customize your storefront to a great extent when using Zen Cart.
  • Better Functionality: Store owners can increase the functionality of their storefronts and administrative panels by adding custom modules.
  • Custom Features: In case you want your e-store to function in a different way, you can ask your programmer for intended features. Zen Cart supports such custom features.

Benefits Offered by Zen Cart

  • Easy Installation: Zen Cart is very easy to install. It comes with an in-built installation tool which initiates automatic installation after checking the server and database to ensure compatibility.
  • Unlimited Categories: With Zen Cart, you get unrestricted category depth and physical products uploading. You can create multiple categories for a large number of products. Also, it allows to download virtual products.
  • Price Related Features: It has features that allow highlighting category-wise sale prices, individual special prices, group discount details, and discount coupons etc. Moreover, you can also set bulk discounts based on the quantity of the order.
  • Customizable Templates: It allows generating several templates and select the most appropriate one for your e-store. You can alter fonts, colors, and different graphics as per your needs through Cascading Style Sheets.
  • Multiple Language Support: Expanding your business to multiple countries at once was never so easy. Along with supporting various languages, Zen Cart also supports multiple currencies and tax structures.
  • Customer Retention Features: One of the biggest challenges for today’s online stores is to retain their customers. Zen Cart is packed with such features that make it easy for you. It helps in sending periodic newsletters, tracking order status, and checking e-mail details of individual clients. It also has features like gift certificate and referral tools.
  • SEO Oriented Features: Zen Cart can generate meta tags so that the store gets the SEO advantage and stays ahead of the competition.
  • Several Payment and Delivery Options: A wide range of payment and delivery options make a good impression on your customers as they can choose from a host of options as per their convenience.
  • Cheap Development: In case you want to get a Zen Cart store developed, you can easily locate a company providing good quality development services at reasonable prices. You can also outsource Zen Cart product data upload services to the same company.


When such a user-friendly shopping cart software is available for free, spending hefty amounts on premium software applications makes no sense. If you want a full-functional online store to sell your products, you must consider Zen Cart.