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Raise Your 3dCart Conversion Rate with a Brilliant Search Experience

Getting more and more conversion is one of the most sought-after aims of all online stores and to achieve this aim you have to take care of many things. It doesn’t matter what types of products you are selling, if your customers are unable to find your products, they will surely visit some other stores. But if your products can be found easily and your customers can reach them effortlessly, their shopping experience will be good and hence your sales will increase.

A significant number of people who shop online make use of the site search. And as per a report, around 80% of those customers leave a site if the site search doesn’t perform up to their expectation. That’s the reason today’s 3dCart site owners pay good attention to the search feature on their website. As the number of online shoppers is increasing, the competition in the e-commerce industry is also getting tougher. Hence, in order to have a winning edge, it has become essential for e-commerce site owners to provide wonderful user experience to their customers. Providing your customers with an impressive website search can be an effective way to add to their satisfaction.

Pay Attention to the Search Box

Search box supposes to be a very powerful feature of e-commerce stores but it’s often overlooked. It can help an e-commerce store in getting more satisfactory user experience and higher sales. In case the visitors of your online store don’t find a search box easily, they will soon move on to another store. It clearly means loss of sales, and also your brand image will be tarnished. Here are two ways that can be helpful in enabling your customers to locate the search box conveniently.

  • Good Placement- You need to place your search box in a noticeable spot so that your e-store visitors can find it conveniently and quickly. The best place can be the web page header where it can be noticed immediately. The absence of any distractions can be helpful for customers in finding the search box easily.

  • Clean Design- Search boxes having a neat design encourage customers to perform searches. The input field and the Submit button should be placed in an eye-catching manner. It’s also suggested that e-store owners should use a search icon, the most preferred one being a magnifying glass, to make the search box easier to locate.

Add Autocomplete Feature

Autocomplete can make the process of reaching desired products way easier for customers and hence, all 3dCart store owners must include it on their websites. Autocomplete suggests relevant pages as the site visitors type. It works even if there are spelling mistakes in the search phrases.

Enhance the No Result Found Page

Sometimes e-stores are not having products that a customer looks for and such customers are directed the No Result Found page. You should aim at making your No Result Found page a landing page that apart from giving the message of unavailability of the searched products, also offers them something that entices them to make purchases.

An ineffective No Result Found page can make your store visitors leave the site with a very bad impression. To keep such a situation at bay, you can suggest them with similar products to what they are looking for when you don’t have exactly matching products. Maybe they get interested in the products offered and continue to shop.

Include Product Images in Search Box Suggestions

Images displaying with search box results can give a better idea about the pages being suggested making it easier for the site user to click on the most appropriate option. It saves shoppers from visiting different pages to find the one with the most suitable product. It will make your customers reach the desired products easily and lead you to higher conversion.

Though there are many factors that help in increasing conversion rate like efficient 3dCart product data entry, good customer support, and detailed product images, a well-optimized search feature also plays an important role in it. If you have been overlooking it so far, you must focus on it immediately and experience the difference it can make.