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How to Increase Sales by Optimizing Google Product Feed?

There’s no need to explain the importance of Google Product Search when the entire internet is being ruled by the giant search engine. It’s a powerful platform to take your products and services to a wide audience. But as we all know, Google has always tried its best to avail useful services to its visitors and in its endeavors, it has to set some guidelines for maintaining quality standards. The search engine has laid out some rules for sellers as well. Not following such rules can make you face a penalty period. Have a look at these tips that can bring you in the good books of Google and the target audience.


  • Your Data should be Fresh and Correct- You must submit your data regularly, at least once a week so that the information always stays updated. In case there’s a product you offer which is “In Stock” as per your feed but when you get an order for it, you are unable to deliver it, Google is not going to take it lightly. Your products can be suspended from Google Product Search results. That doesn’t just mean the loss of revenue, but credibility as well.

  • Product Titles and Descriptions should be Concise- Having concise product information helps your customers find the products easily and conveniently. Make sure you use SEO oriented text but the use of promotional language should be avoided, Google hates it.

  • Mention Tax and Shipping in Your Feed- If you want your products to show up constantly in Google Product Search, you must include tax and shipping details in your feed. You can upload this information through “Tax” and “Shipping” columns under “Settings” in your Google Merchant Center.

  • Prefer Google’s Product_Type Categories- Though Google allows businesses to submit their own merchant category, utilizing Google’s Product_Type categories is highly recommended. It enhances the search prospects of products.

  • Promote Products with Free Shipping- Google allows its shoppers to search products with specific attributes, and you can take advantage of that. You can promote select products for free shipping and get a better response from your customers. But as you already know, you can’t mention free shipping in the product titles or descriptions.

  • Check Your Listings Periodically- To check your listings on Google Product Search visit and search for Change with the URL of your store. And also don’t forget to log into your Google Merchant Account regularly, at least once a week. Thus, you can get errors and warnings from Google in a timely manner.

  • Activate Merchant Reviews- Adding merchant reviews can enhance your page ranking and brand image. Websites like, Epinions,, Power reviews etc. provide good comparisons between various shopping sites. You can activate third-party ratings to let your customers know where you stand as an online seller. Moreover, you must also check your store’ rating on a regular basis at, where is your store’s URL.

  • Replace Inappropriate Images or Non-working URLs- After September 2011, proper and relevant images or URLs are required. You can’t use placeholders, logos or non-working links. Such inappropriate things can bring down your CTR, which supposes to be a significant factor for product search ranking. Besides, non-working links that redirect to 404 pages can compel Google to disapprove your feed outright.

  • Use High-quality Images- Online shopping has a disadvantage of not having the convenience of checking out the physical product. That’s why customers have to rely on the images to a great extent. Make sure you use high-quality product images that display all details of the products. The recommended image size is 300X300 pixels. There shouldn’t be any watermark on the images. You mustn’t use logos, placeholder images or thumbnails in the absence of images. Just leave the image field blank and submit the product once you’ve arranged the image.


Your online store can touch new heights of success by following the above rules. But in case, you want to concentrate on the marketing and marketing parts, you can hire a reputed company offering result-oriented Google product feed services. A short online research can make you find a good company providing high-quality services at affordable rates.