Product Description Writing

Product Description Writing

Content meant to be posted on a website must be original. The content copied from another site often proves to be detrimental to the fate of the website on SERPs aka Search Engine Ranking Pages. While duplicate or spammed content is penalized by Google, poorly written is penalized by prospective buyers. The descriptions of your products should also be lucid, crisp and easy to understand. It should be written keeping the target audience in mind. In other words, your product description writing service should walk the tightrope of impressive yet simple text that’s easy to understand and completely unique.

At Data4Entry, we extend unique, useful and compelling product descriptions, inserted with your keywords in the right measure, built to not only accelerate conversion rates, but also secure prominent online presence across search engine result pages.

Our content writers are a team of hand-picked professionals having a knack for writing for web. Their educational background from diverse business verticals lends their writing authenticity, speed and accuracy. By subscribing to our product description writing service, you can be confident of search-engine friendly content inserted with your keywords in acceptable manner, which is written keeping your audience groups in mind in an easy to understand language. We ensure that the product descriptions act as marketing tools for your product catalogs and capture the interest of your audience groups.

To jot it all down, here is why you should consider us for outsourcing product description writing for your e-commerce web store:-

  • We are a team of experienced and talented writers who have special knack for writing for web.
  • We are professionals hailing from various industries with common affability for writing. As such, we are able to provide compelling product descriptions for all domains, be it thoroughly technical or out and out creative. Moreover, we try to gain reasonable insight on the product before sitting down to write the product descriptions, which gives our writing deeper insight and more punch.
  • We work in tandem with the SEO experts at every step to give the content we deliver a cutting edge. The product descriptions written are both healthy from SEO point of view and useful from the viewpoint of your target audience.
  • We take care to integrate the business jargons of the particular vertical while writing description for a product. This helps our descriptions appear more authentic and written at the hands of an insider of the industry.
  • We give an objective account of the product while writing product descriptions minus any conspicuous marketing undertones. Nonetheless, keeping the overall content positive and persuasive for buying the product helps build buyer’s confidence.
  • We provide engaging headings/ captions to the product descriptions that arouse interest in the mind of the prospective buyers for reading further.
  • We always keep our writing style in tune with your target audience groups, as we understand that content not fine-tuned for its audience is a total waste.
  • We also offer customized writing style and content to suit your bespoke demands/ expectations, if any.

In case you’ve more questions to ask us or interested in a free trial of our service, please feel free to ring us on +91 9818 52 6337 or alternatively you could mail us at We’ll be glad to be of assistance on a prompt basis.