Case Studies: User Experience Research on Web Portal for increasing ROI

About Client

Germany Based IT Support Company

Project Requirements:

Our client was interested to boost customer interaction on website via web elements like chat, telephonic line and enquiry form.

Feasibility Study :

After accounting each requirement under real scenario, we had analyzed the feasibility of features in technical framework. However, we had delivered 50+ UX/UI based projects so this phase took lesser time for outcome. Our web team had acknowledged to solution architect team that all specification modules would be delivered at right time.

Research and Development Framework :

In this cycle, we had started to develop all specifications and requirements in module approach. We had also fulfilled all segments of agile based software development model. Due to involvement of latest technique, it was easy to adapt changes smoothly to minimize deviation from expected requirement.

Functional Testing:

Now, our quality team had started to hunt bugs on local server which was outcome of development life cycle. Our testing team reviewed the web portal on different quality metrics like cross browser platform, load time, interface data transfer rate, operating system compatibility and user’s retention model.

Delivery of Project:

With receiving 100% quality assurance from testing department, we had delivered live portal to client. We also provided technical guide to improve any specific requirement in customize mode.


We had implemented latest paradigm of user experience to increase customer’s time on website. We also added several references like video, testimonials, case studies and white papers to generate trust in user’s mind towards ‘tech Support Company’.

Finally, we had increased company’s inbound calls up-to 40% with genuine customers.

Client’s Remarks:

Now we are receiving calls from potential customers in exponential rate.

Technical Lead of Voice Support Team