Tips to Upload Product Quicker in Magento Store

Tips to Upload Product Quicker in Magento Store

Magento stores are prepared to fulfill the maximize revenue of retailers. It has option to upload thousands of products efficiently in an optimized way. In this scenario, it becomes necessary to improve the performance of store during uploading process.

Read some useful tips to upload Product Quicker in Magento Store as follows:

Use Bulk Product Import Feature:

Magento facilitates the option to upload thousands of products in a single attempt. This feature reduces operational time and cost of vendors as well as data entry experts. To make this process successful, we feed all products into CSV file format.

Upload Bulk Product Images :

It is beneficial to upload all images in bulk mode. We also can add products related other information like SKUs, description, banner update and visual updates. This option is seen as preventive tactics to avoid duplicate or bad image on product store.

Option to add bulk Category & Attributes :

By adding bulk category & sub-category, it becomes easier to maintain organized navigation. It is helpful to simplify the product categorization on store as well as removes the time taken planning structure for site architecture.

Obligation for File Size Limit :

Magento store provides the option to upload CSV file for successful implementation of bulk submission. But, we should judge the file size carefully before uploading to store. As per opinions of Magento Experts, we always try to upload small size of CSV file for improving the performance of product store.

Option to Update Existing Products in Bulk Mode :

This feature of Magento store is very amazing to complete bulk changes along existing products. It makes the work of client’s easier on frequent basis. This feature gives a wide flexibility to vendors to keep their products updated on equal time of interval without any hassle.

Export/Import Feature for Products :

Magento admin panel has option to import or export product details into CSV format. It gives an extended option to keep products up-to-date individually. Users can fetch CSV report corresponding product then make required changes into file. Now, updated file cab be uploaded again to show latest product information.

Debugging Errors :

It also enables to check errors to make an optimized product store. Generally, test cases are executed in Magento store in following patterns:

  • Checked Rows of Uploaded File
  • Checked Entries
  • Presence of Invalid Items in rows
  • Sum of reported errors

Above test cases are helpful to identify the root cause of bad experience on store.

Utilize Image Caching :

Apart from improving upload speed and site search, it also helps to improve the page speed of any shopping store which is based on Magento Platform.

Image Optimization :

By uploading optimized product images, we can improve the speed of store pages. With improved page speed, bounce rate of store page can be reduced up-to optimum level. It would be really beneficial for improving the conversion rate of the Magento store.

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