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Data Mining Services

urlWe assure to deliver efficient and time-bound data entry services to our global clientele. Our services have got us the enviable reputation of being a leading offshore data entry destination. We offer particular specialization in data mining, web mining and data warehousing

Product Data Entry Services

Data entry of product details is a job that’s extremely tedious by nature, and as such leaves much room for clerical errors. Nonetheless it is critical for the good health of your web stores that their databases and their presence across online marketplaces, including comparison shopping engines

Back Office Support Services

As much as it is vital to manage the quality of content across product catalogs, all web stores must also manage their day-to-day tasks and events efficiently. Our back office support services cover each and every task that may present itself while executing inventory management, order processing, competitor price monitoring and customer support over chat & email.

eCommerce Catalog Processing Services


We grasp that maintaining any web store is a continuous process. It requires having constantly up-to-date catalog to remain relevant and appealing. Not to mention, the catalog management services should be accompanied with 24 by 7 customer support for staying commercially viable.

Catalog Content Management

To manage product data efficiently is a strenuous task. It involves resolving several incidences of inconsistencies, duplicate entries, redundancies and inaccurate or incomplete information from time to time. Having it handled by us ensures that your customers trust you for authentic information and you stay well ahead of competition.