Case Studies: Product Data Entry in CRM

About Client

Spain based Jewelry Company

Project Requirements :

Company was interested to manage product’s database on their newly created CRM. But, all product information was not available at centralized place or medium. They were linked with existing customer database via conventional patterns like visiting card, company listing and jewelry portfolio.

Critical Analysis :

We had started to find out the root causes which are difficult at ground level for implementation. Our team was analyzed the attributes of CRM like ‘Product ID’, ‘Tag Line’, ‘Batch Number’, ‘Price’ etc. However, client had given entire details but it was not available in organized way. So, it was tedious to make data into meaningful framework.

Design & Implementation Analysis:

Now, we have started to design a robust framework for covering all areas of CRM data entry service. During creation of design phase, we check the feasibility of implementation in advanced mode.

This phase was planned to execute to reduce time span on completion of entry work for later phase.

Final Solution :

This step became easier after receiving inputs of above process.

We had extracted all beneficial data which are related with jewelry items in meaningful format. We found that company is running their website with legacy approach like missing contact, lack of product’s information and unorganized data structure.

We also successfully managed entire online CRM of company with full-fledged data.

Verdict :

Due to follow-up a stable model, we had completed entire task in pre-defined time limits with full accuracy. We also received client’s appreciation for error free data entry job.

Client’s Remarks:

Thanks for building 100% accurate product’s details in company CRM system.

Vice President

Quality Management Dept. of Company