Case Studies: Photo Editing and Creative Design Services

About Client

Paris based Cartoon News Paper

Project Requirements :

Company was looking for new and innovative ideas for increasing news paper subscribers. Actually, our client was facing slow-down in their news agency business. As per his business statistics, last two quarters were affected adversely. He didn’t able to gain his business in profitable zone.

Analysis :

We started to find out the basic reasons of this one slow-down. After depth research we find out that, some new agencies were entered in market with better ideas. Then we prepared a new strategy which was unique among all existing competitors our client.

Design and Implementation :

After taking detailed report of our analyst wing, we had implemented all suggestions at design level. After approval of our core group experts, we regularly served innovative concepts and visual prints to editor team of News Company. We never missed to point out any facet of conceptual design.

Quality Introspection :

Our in-house quality team had analyzed each and every term of design pattern to avoid any clash with broadcasting or news guidelines.

Verdict :

We had prepared effective paper design strategy in core group discussion of our agency. Then, it was implemented by our experienced photo and cartoon editing team on ground level successfully.

Client’s Remarks :

Last quarter, we achieved 8% additional subscribers of our news paper.

Really! Your agency did a miracle for us.

A Senior Editor of News Agency