Effective Ways to Optimize Amazon Product Listing

There’s no doubt Amazon provides a wonderful opportunity to businesses by introducing them to a huge customer base. But if Amazon boasts having a big customers base, it has innumerable sellers as well. So, you can easily understand the tough competition that you will have to face as an Amazon seller. Making a place where already more than 2 million sellers are offering their products and services is really a hard nut to crack.

What online shoppers usually do is to compare multiple products of the same type with each other on the same store and others, and make the buying decision on the basis of several factors. Hence, optimizing your Amazon product listing is something you must pay attention to.


Practices to Follow When Listing Products on Amazon

  • Use the ASIN:- ASIN is Amazon’s Standard Identification Number which is used by the store to identify the products in the catalogue. Not using the right ASIN will result in bad visibility of your product as customers won’t be able to find it. So, as an Amazon seller, you need to have this number. It can be found by finding the same items on the store.

  • Product Description:- If written thoughtfully, product descriptions are highly effective at making a big impression on customers. You should list your products with crisp and rich descriptions that have all relevant pieces of information put in simple language. All details of a product such as title, condition, brand, material type, size, warranty etc. should be present in the description.

  • High-quality Images:- Dull and poor quality product images can deter your proposed customers from buying the product. When they don’t have the physical product, they have to ascertain its appearance through images only. In such a situation, beautiful and detailed images can play an important role in increasing sales.

  • Pricing:- One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of Amazon among online shoppers is the price factor. Amazon buyers know they will surely find a good deal in terms of price for their desired products. That’s why you need to know about the pricing of your competitors. Keeping low prices can make your product show up at the top position in search results, which will result in higher sales.

  • Inventory Availability:- For all your active Amazon product listings, you must have adequate inventory as Amazon doesn’t entertain sellers who create listing to sell items but after receiving orders can’t deliver due to the shortage of products. Not supplying an ordered product brings bad name not just to the seller but also to the store, i.e. Amazon. You should create listing for only those products that can be supplied whenever required. Your inventory management should be impeccable.

  • Keep a Central Location for Listing Management:- For sellers who offer a wide range of products on Amazon, managing listings in a single location will be great. It allows you to maintain the same quality standard throughout. Let’s say, you have used “Yellow” for all your products having yellow color, you don’t need to search it through any other term like “YLW”. It helps you in presenting your products to your customers in a consistent manner.

  • Use Attributes to Define Products:- Amazon provides a wonderful shopping experience to its store visitors by defining products with categories and attributes. Shoppers can refine their search by brand, color, size, price and many other attributes. It makes them shortlist the desired products within seconds. You need to make sure you clearly define attributes for all your listed products.

  • Use PIM for Listing:- PIM stands for Product Information Management application. Many sellers use excel sheets to manage their product listings but PIM is far better than it. With PIM you don’t need to maintain multiple spreadsheets for different types of products. It allows bulk editing, defining collections, and building product attributes. With it, you can upload your listings directly on Amazon.

All these practices can be highly effective at enhancing your sales graph. It doesn’t matter how high is the quality of your products, if your listings are inaccurate or ineffective, you will face problems in selling. So, always follow the above practices and ensure your success as an Amazon seller.