Online Data Entry

Online Data Entry

Continuous data generation is a fundamental feature of a dynamic business environment and e-commerce is no exception. All e-stores worldwide generate massive amount of data on a regular basis. This data must be quickly rationalized to be meaningful and useful towards an efficient online business. In other words, a solemn e-commerce channel has no option but to either dedicate a part of its team for concurrent data entry services, or outsource the job to a reliable professional vertical partner like us.

In addition to keying in product information into product catalogs and shopping carts, our online data entry services include:-

  • Populating documents, such as databases, e-books and e-magazines, (hospital) patient records, insurance claims, PDF documents, scanned images, mailing lists, labels, audio transcriptions, legal documents, vouchers, hand-written card entries, business cards, survey forms, receipts/ bills, customer feedback, credit card applications etc.
  • Helping you sift through the huge shopping site data by data warehousing and mining, and data cleansing. Thus, we deliver organized and concise information useful for conducting market analysis year after year.
  • Providing tools and support for retrieving indexed documents in digitized form.
  • Keying in orders taken from your customers from alternative means/ media and follow them up till their conclusion.
  • Content conversion services
  • Online data entry in foreign languages and
  • Generate bill of lading online for shipping and logistics companies.

Outsourcing online data entry services to us allows you to synergize your creative and productive energies into furthering your core business goals, rather than whiling away precious time after the niceties.

Our team is professional, hardworking and experienced at handling huge volumes of data swiftly, without compromising on quality. The skill and talent of our staff coupled with an efficient data entry infrastructure delivers flawless back-end data entry support for our clients. In addition, we have strict quality checks in place to ensure optimum productivity with no room for errors. We use a secure network that safeguards confidentiality. Not to mention, we offer it all for a very competitive price for our customers.

We have been providing the data entry services to several global enterprises, which has in turn rendered us richly experienced in diverse business domains, including (but not limited to):-

  • law
  • finance
  • governance
  • marketing
  • real estate
  • healthcare
  • travelling
  • advertising
  • education
  • retail etc.

We are bound by strong work ethics and strive for excellence in our services. We are committed to protect and safeguard your data. We ensure that your data remains safe and secure with us without a glitch. We also focus on providing quickest turnaround time so that our clients can have an edge over competition and excel by offering quite lively services.

In case you wish to avail free trial or have any clarifications to seek, you can drop us an email at and we will get back to you on an early basis.