Image Data Entry Services

Image Data Entry Services

The exchange of image data over Internet is a prevalent technological trend for sending and receiving confidential/ sensitive documents over internet. This allows organizations to transfer of data without compromising on security, which in turn saves both the sender and the target receiver a great deal of valuable time, money and cost of physical commutation. However, many a times the data needs to be translated back to their digital format to be useful.

At, we are well-equipped with the state-of-the-art tools and technologies to handle both colossal amount of paper to image conversion projects in desired format(s) and vice versa.

The prominent aim of our image data entry services is to assist our clients mobilize the massive volumes of information lying scattered at their end in mounds of paper documents and digital images; and convert it into accurate, well-arranged and easily retrievable digitized information. The image data entry process involves everything from capturing the images, storing the images; keying the images and rendering them retrievable expeditiously from a sea of information in the form of enterprises’ databases and business applications.

In a gist, we offer the following as a part of our image data entry services/ solutions:-

  • Capturing images through hi-tech scanners and data processors;
  • Sorting and arranging images for effective data management;
  • Keying images and indexing them
  • Storing images and retrieval thereof
  • Data entry of catalogs
  • Data entry into excel spreadsheet
  • Conversion of images into PDF, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and XHTML etc.
  • Data entry of scanned images
  • Creation of image databases

The scope of our image data entry processes is extremely broad. We offer the services for all kinds of business documents including, but not limited to, medical claims, insurance claims, pay orders, travel tickets, rebate claims, receipts, surveys, offer coupons, daily deals, marketing statistics and what not.

To jot down, following are the reasons why we happen to be the favorites of our clients:-

Attractive Savings:-

We provide time-tested image data entry services to our clients for a truly economical price. In fact, we offer these services at least 40% lesser cost price than it would cost you at your station. Rest is for you to check out.

Fast paced turnaround time:-

Coupled with advanced technology, our enthusiastic, committed and skilled workforce enables our clients to accomplish large volumes of work at noticeably quick pace and in a seamless manner.

Quality and accuracy:-

Our keen adherence to quality control protocols, rules and regulations leaves little room for lapses or loopholes and as such we have never strayed from the path of excellence in the past track record.

Creative and Efficient:-

Our team is high on presence of mind and uses it optimally together with technical expertise to combine process skills and state-of-the-art technology. As a result, we provide creative and efficient and cost-effective online and offline image data entry services for projects of all natures and sizes.

High Data Security:-

We have been offering absolute and unremitting security and confidentiality for our cherished customers in respect of their sensitive data, again without fail.

For further clarification as regards any doubt/ concern you may have on the above services, please leave a word at our email address or call us at +91 9818 52 6337. Our customer care representative will shortly get in touch with you.