eCommerce Catalogue Processing Services

Catalog Processing

We provide highly systematic and goal-oriented e-commerce catalogue processing services that offer efficacious optimization of your product catalogues on an ongoing basis. The purview of these services is extensive and includes everything to do with building and managing your product catalogues so that your buyers find your products easily and quickly.

We group your products into smart and intuitive product categories and further specify enhanced attributes to make sure your products enjoy impressive online presence during relevant searches results.  Our team of experienced and trained professionals renders the otherwise cumbersome job appear a cake walk, by keeping it consistent, continuous, organized and planned. To enumerate, we undertake the following activities as parts and parcels of e-commerce catalogue processing services:-

  • Obtain information about client’s products from PDF documents, old paper files, scanned images, and online catalogues shared by the client, as well as, from the various authentic web sources, including websites of manufacturers and other useful search results, as and when required.
  • Data entry of product details in product catalogues including product IDs, prices, features, brand names, manufacturer’s unique identity codes, SKUs and so on.
  • Digitization of hardbound catalogues shared with us for uploading on client’s e-commerce store.
  • Updating product details, such as product prices and quantity, on the client’s website on a regular basis. We also offer to gather product prices and special offers from competitor e-stores so that the client can work out their best prices and special offers for their target audience groups.
  • Retouching product images shared with us to render them more clear and attractive, before being uploaded on the product catalogue. We also resize and crop these images into different sizes for the thumbnail view, zoom view and other custom views required on a particular e-commerce platform. Besides, we can also extract product images from the manufacturer’s or supplier’s websites, where the client is unable to share the photographs.
  • Group your products into intuitive product categories along with the entry of more specific attributes for enhanced end-user browsing experience.
  • Create useful, truthful and unique product descriptions to product catalogues for enhanced user experience and higher ranks in search engine result pages.
  • Enter keyword-enriched, unique and meaningful product titles, descriptions, meta tags and so on for securing SEO-friendly online presence for clients’ e-stores.

We specialize in providing e-commerce catalogue processing services customized for all popular and not-so-popular e-commerce platforms and marketplaces out there, including,

  • Google Product Feed
  • Bing Shopping Feed
  • eBay Product Listings
  • Amazon
  • Magento
  • 3dcart
  • NetSuite
  • Zen Cart
  • Yahoo
  • BigCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • Shopify

What further puts apart our catalogue processing services from the rest is the price at which we offer these services. While the quality and turnaround time we offer matches the best in the industry, our rates are one of the most economical by far. Moreover, we constantly work towards building your customer base by attempting to keep their browsing experience highly satisfactory.

To know more about our e-commerce catalogue processing services, please ring us at +91 9818 52 6337 or mail us at