Data Management Services

Data Management Services

For your eCommerce web store to be effective and engaging to your target audience groups, it is vital that it’s product database online be updated with complete and consistent product information on a frequent basis. It is where our data management services come handy and help you in end-to-end management of product data management activities. As soon as you subscribe to our services, a team of trained, skilled and experienced professionals begins to dedicatedly work round the clock to keep your product database up to date. The team takes care of everything from identifying any incidences of inaccuracy, irrelevance, redundancy and incompleteness in the product database, to updating the data, validating all entries against the already available authentic product lists and deepening consistency in data across the store. To put it all down in technical terms, we offer the following key services as a part of our wholesome data management services, in that order: -

Data Classification

At this stage, our dedicated staff classifies the products into various taxonomic codes in use by manufacturers and vendors around the world, such as UNSPSC, UPC, eClass, UPN, SMD, SIC, EGII, NAICS, MESC, ECRI, JPPSG, NDA and so on. It is tricky but crucial to link the product data obtained from various rough sources to the right classification schema for further smooth operations.

Taxonomy Development

At this stage, our team constructs categories, ascertains attributes, places products into categories graded on the basis of defined attributes within each category and establishes rules for data capturing for each attribute in a category. Our team warrants intelligent and intuitive product categorization that in turn enhances sale conversion rates and number of repeat customers to your store over time.

Data Cleansing and normalization

At this stage, we undertake painstaking audits throughout the database for suitably updating incomplete, missing and inaccurate entries; standardize measurement units and abbreviations; and removing all redundant/ outdated information. Fruitful database normalization results into all product names appearing on e-store with prim and proper product descriptions and product attributes.

Data matching and de-duplication

At this stage, our team works towards further optimization of product database by matching, linking and merging product data entries based on common features.

Data enrichment

This stage entails deepening the quality of product information on your shopping site by extracting additional information from websites of manufacturers/ suppliers.

Data migration

The stage arises when your shopping site undergoes up-grading and the database is required to be migrated from one ecommerce platform to another. We ensure flawless transporting of your product information between platforms, without any loss of information.

We are highly conversant with all types of ecommerce platforms, having to deal with a wide array of business verticals worldwide on daily basis. Our expertise in handling and manipulating databases, spread sheets, and in fact, data in all formats is second to no one. We assure dexterous management of your product information in its existing state and bring it to a shape, size and stature that will leave you completely relaxed about the data management on your shopping site. In addition, we will also help you create and send periodical newsletters to your subscribers so as to further drive online sales.

Need more information or feel like having a word with one of our data management experts for further consultation, we are just an email/ ring away from you. Contact us at any time of the day at our email address and landline no. +91 9818 52 6337.