Data Capture Services

Data Capture Services

Data CaptureData Capture Services stand for the entire set of activities that arise right from converting physical unstructured/ semi-structured data into digital format to rendering the data become organized and thus useful for the enterprise. The process encompasses everything from

  • Collecting paper documents, e-documents, forms etc. and extracting data therefrom through manual data entry, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), imaging, recording etc. for further digital processing and analysis;
  • Organization and arrangement of the gathered information with an aim of effective data management in hindsight;
  • Interpretation and formatting of the data so that it flawlessly fits in to a desired electronic format.

At, we endeavor to accelerate your business activities by being highly accurate, quick and cost-effective at delivering retrievable data into your databases and software applications. In so doing, we strive to use more and more of latest automated data capturing technologies to save time and cut costs. At present, some of the data capturing technologies we use include:-

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
  • Magnetic Recordings
  • Linear Imagers/ Linear Imaging
  • RF Tagging
  • Short Range & Long Range Scanning
  • 2D Area Imaging
  • Batch keying
  • Tally Charts and Worksheets

We accept data in all formats (including text, audio and video) for conversion into demanded output formats. Not to mention, since we employ state-of-the-art technologies to carry out conversions, we are well-equipped to adeptly handle massive volumes of data for capturing from physical documents/ audio files/ video files and collecting information therefrom for further organization, arrangement, interpretation, formatting and storage in suitable digital format(s).

Further, we deal in all kinds of data capture projects on a bulk basis, including

  • Processing all kinds of forms
  • File conversion
  • Extraction of data from Internet
  • Publication over electronic media

We offer both manual and automated data capture solutions to our broad clientele from across the board industries including Healthcare, Finance and banking, Insurance, Government, transportation, Energy & utilities, Retail, Manufacturing etc.

If you are still asking yourself why us, please spare a moment and read on all the benefits till the end that we extend your way, for our very reasonably priced, accurate and efficient data capturing services:-

  • Expertise in handling voluminous data capturing/ data processing/ data indexing assignments with optimal accuracy;
  • Technology in use is state-of-the-art and highly in tandem with the demands and requirements at the client’s side;
  • Qualified and experienced staff of data entry operators is handpicked to deliver almost error-free single data entry;
  • A strict quality assurance program in place to deliver data entry, data capture and indexing solutions with cent per cent accuracy;
  • Confidentiality, security and efficiency is world class;
  • Quick turnaround time that is one among the fastest in the market;
  • Highly cost-effective because of our location as well as we pass on economies of scale to our clients;
  • Round the clock and relentless customer care support system in place.

For more information as regards or resolving any doubt/ concern, please leave a word at our email address or call us at +91 9818 52 6337 and one of our customer care representatives will attend to your queries/ doubts/ concerns, in a jiffy.